During the Interview does the provider: 

*interaction with your children
*seem friendly to everyone who came
*seem critical of your parenting
*talk about money constantly
*appear professional
*explain their daily routines and schedule
*explain paperwork/contract
*answer all of your questions
*invite you to see the playroom

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How do you find quality care for your child?

#1 Interview with multiple providers
#2 Interview Centers and Homes
#3 Do not look at prices until you have visited no less than 4 local daycares
#4 Phone interviews are the fastest way to weed out daycares you will not meet your families needs.
#5 LISTEN TO YOUR GUT!  No childcare will be perfect!  Decide what is most important and don't give up until you find it.
#6 READ REVIEWS!  Most companies today have an online identity.  If they do not, ask for professional references
#7 Ask about their experience and education
#9 A Licensed daycare is no guarantee of quality, ask questions!! 
#10 Communicate with you a couple times a week, concerning your child and daycare

211, resources to all of Idaho 877-456-1233
Food, Medicaid, child care assistance

WIC  208-455-5330

Community Food Banks
Salvation Army Nampa, ID  (208) 467-6586
Seventh Day Adventist   208-466-5758

Harvest Life Church (208) 465-7327
Nampa First Church of the Nazerene  (208) 466-3549
St Vincent de-Paul  208-454-2132

Terry Reilly Medical, Sliding Scale
211 16th Avenue, North Nampa, ID 83687
(208) 467-4431